About me

I'm Sid. Full-stack Developer. Ranter. Into technology, analytics and good food.

Is keyword stuffing for SEO still a thing? Here we go – L(A|E)MP, Laravel, Symfony, JavaScript, AngularJS, VueJS, ReactJS.


Plivo SMS Notifications

Plivo SMS notifications channel for Laravel 5.3. It is now part of the official Laravel Notifications Channels on Github.

Bulletproof email

A Gulp workflow for maintainable email templates. Check it out on Github.

PhpStorm Live Templates

Laravel Live Templates for PhpStorm. Check it out on Github.

Lumen Vault

A Lumen port of PasteVault. Was a simple exercise to try out Lumen. Check it out on Github.

Wardrobe Themes

Themes for Wardrobe CMS. Check it out on Github.

Bacon Ipsum Workflow for Alfred

Made this just for fun. Makes it easy to generate some Bacon Ipsum using Alfred on Mac OS X. Download from Github.